Nancy LeTourneau

Nancy has been a contributing writer at the Washington Monthly since November 2014. Before then, she wrote at her own blog, Horizons, for almost a decade.

Nancy holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology/Social Studies/Secondary Education and a master’s degree in Theology/Marriage and Family Therapy. She provided counseling and therapy in various settings before becoming the executive director of a nonprofit organization whose mission focused on juvenile crime prevention.

See You Next Year!

I’m not going to do a traditional “Odds & Ends” today because I have a few things to say before I turn out the lights on this weekend’s blogging. First of all, let me say that I have totally enjoyed my two weekends of blogging here at Political Animal this December. I am exceedingly grateful… Read more »

What does “breaking up the banks” mean?

After the recent drama about the 2015 spending bill in Congress, a lot of people are talking about the “disarray” amongst Democrats. I was particularly intrigued by what Greg Sargent wrote about that this week. There is broad Democratic agreement that the party must come up with a more comprehensive response to stagnating wages and… Read more »

Flame Throwers and Fire Fighters

It’s obvious that the big story of the day is the murder of two NYC police officers yesterday. I’m always hesitant to comment on a story like this as its unfolding. Its better to wait for all the information, process it, and see what we can draw from it. But as people are weighing in,… Read more »

Learning From Fly-Over Country

For a couple of years now, I’ve been suggesting that we take our eyes off the coasts for just a minute and focus on two states in fly-over country – Minnesota and Wisconsin. We might learn a thing or two about the results of Democratic vs Republican governance. About a year ago, Lawrence Jacobs did… Read more »

What to Expect From the 114th Congress

Very shortly all eyes will be on the 114th Congress to see how they are going to respond to the bold moves from President Obama. Kevin Drum summed up their dilemma this way: GOP leaders had plans for January, but now they may or may not be able to do much about them. Instead, they’re… Read more »