Nancy LeTourneau

Learning From Fly-Over Country

For a couple of years now, I’ve been suggesting that we take our eyes off the coasts for just a minute and focus on two states in fly-over country – Minnesota and Wisconsin. We might learn a thing or two about the results of Democratic vs Republican governance. About a year ago, Lawrence Jacobs did… Read more »

What to Expect From the 114th Congress

Very shortly all eyes will be on the 114th Congress to see how they are going to respond to the bold moves from President Obama. Kevin Drum summed up their dilemma this way: GOP leaders had plans for January, but now they may or may not be able to do much about them. Instead, they’re… Read more »

Hidden Trauma

Some black academics criticized President Obama for engaging in “respectability politics” when he did things like launch the My Brother’s Keeper initiative. But when the President met with the young people involved in the Becoming a Man program in Chicago and during his visit to the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal Nation, he likely heard stories… Read more »

Daylight Poem

On this shortest day of the year, here’s a powerful poem by David Whyte celebrating darkness. Happy Winter Solstice everyone! Sweet Darkness When your eyes are tired the world is tired also. When your vision has gone no part of the world can find you. Time to go into the dark where the night has… Read more »

Odds & Ends

Speaking of Gitmo detainees, today the Obama administration announced it was releasing four more who are going back to Afghanistan. In spite of all the pearl-clutching on both the right and the left about bank bailouts, the TARP program has officially ended – leaving taxpayers with a $15.3 billion profit. It’s probably too soon to… Read more »