Nancy LeTourneau

Senator Harkin Was Wrong

Sarah Kliff is right. Just as Obamacare is showing itself to be a great success, it is coming under fire from some unlikely quarters…often Democrats. A lot of people have spoken out against Sen. Schumer’s criticism – including Paul Krugman. But not as many have challenged what Sen. Tom Harkin said. “We had the power… Read more »

A Stranger to Whom?

We all know by now that Chuck Todd thinks of President Obama as The Stranger. That narrative fits pretty well for a lot of DC pundits who see him as aloof, cold, distant and remote. But I suspect that description would come as a surprise to the young people of the Standing Rock Sioux Tribal… Read more »

Where Anger and Fear Have Brought Us

Darren Wilson made if very plain in his testimony before the grand jury that he was afraid of Michael Brown. As a matter of fact, his entire case is based on whether or not people believe that to be true. We also know that the officers who shot and killed 12 year-old Tamir Rice assumed… Read more »

Daylight Video

I’m thinking its good karma that has me posting my first one of these on the day that we have a full moon. That’s because it gives me an excuse to post one of my favorite pieces of music – Clair De Lune. Whenever I listen to this (I mean REALLY listen), I get the… Read more »

“Until Justice Rolls Down Like Waters”

Once again we find ourselves reckoning with the reality that we live in a country where justice is applied unequally. But the truth is – unequal justice is no justice as all. To keep our “eyes on the prize,” it might be helpful to step back and envision just what it is we mean by… Read more »