Nancy LeTourneau

What Hillary Clinton Could Learn From Al Gore

Now that the 2014 midterms are over, it is – of course – off to the races for 2016. I find myself amused by a lot of the advice that Hillary Clinton is getting about how to position herself for another presidential run. For example, Dylan Scott suggests that Sec. Clinton faces a dilemma between… Read more »

Odds & Ends

Here are some stories that caught my eye today. One of the most frustrating things about Republicans over the last few years is their adoption of

Are Americans “Stupid” or Uninformed?

Republicans are making hay out of Jonathan Gruber’s suggestion that those who crafted Obamacare thought the American public was stupid. While that was a politically incorrect (and stupid) thing to say, we’ve all seen enough “man on the street” interviews where too many people don’t know which party controls Congress or who the current Vice… Read more »

Odds & Ends

As the country awaits the grand jury announcement in Ferguson and the world awaits the results of the negotiations on Iran’s nuclear weapons, here are some things I’ve been reading: For years, immigration activists have been protesting against the federal government’s Secure Communities Program. President Obama’s executive action does away with it. The question remains… Read more »