Nicholas Confessore

Ethics For Dummies

Glass Houses: Congressional Ethics and the Politics of Venom is not that book. Which is too bad, because the book’s authorsMartin Tolchin, editor of The Hill, and Susan Tolchin, a professor of public policy at George Mason University, would seem well-suited to the task. The Tolchins are clearly well-acquainted with their subject. They’ve interviewed dozens… Read more »

One Vote Away

If you were to choose a single race that sums up what’s at stake this fall, it would have to be the one in South Dakota. To political insiders in Washington, the matchup between Democratic Sen. Tim Johnson and his Repub-lican challenger, Rep. John Thune, is considered this season’s defining contest between the two national… Read more »

Borderline Insanity

Among those most furious was President George W. Bush. “I was stunned and not happy,” the president told reporters at a press conference. “I could barely get my coffee down.” Within days, Bush’s anger cascaded down through the federal bureaucracy. Attorney General John Ashcroft blasted “professional incompetence” for the “disturbing failure.” INS commissioner James Ziglar… Read more »