Nicholas Thompson

Broken Ranks

Nor does Karen Gentemann act like a revolutionary. She’s friendly, warm, and matter-of-fact. But she has a revolutionary idea: Colleges should publicly tell people how much learning is achieved on campus. They should do their best to measure it; then they should post the information online. She’s got a file cabinet brimming with manila folders… Read more »

Dick Cheney’s Dick Cheney

Most people don’t know Mitch Daniels, director of the Office of Management and Budget, but they should. The OMB chief has the most critical but unheralded job in government. He gets to stick his fingers in almost every federal pie, and Daniels has accumulated remarkable power since his swearing in. He has developed a close… Read more »

May the Source Be With You

The cost and ease of sharing information in biological research is plummeting, thanks to computers and the Internet. Sending files over jerry-rigged 14K modems the way Brand did was convenient, but nothing compared to streaming swaths of genetic data worldwide in seconds. But at the same time, the potential value of new information in biology… Read more »

Net Gain

To illustrate his point, Barabasi uses the famous game, “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon,” in which the second-tier movie star can be linked with almost any other actor in a couple of simple steps. Charlie Chaplin, for example, was in A King in New York with Robert Arden, who was in Little Shop of Horrors… Read more »