Nichole Dobo

Adult Education Needs More ‘Passion’ and Investment From Technology Entrepreneurs, Report Says

Adult education could be improved through the use of educational technology, but there is not enough investment in it, according to two reports released this week. Millions of adults seeking new workforce skills say they need better educational opportunities, but little of the recent cash infusion into educational technology has gone toward addressing those needs,… Read more »

Strapped Schools Turn to Online Fundraising Sites for Support

This weekend I was reminded again of how much digital tools have changed fundraising for schools. The ping came to me on social media, so bonus points for a double-dose of technology. A school leader I met nearly five years ago, Principal Salome Thomas-EL, sent me a note on Twitter. The charter school he leads… Read more »

One of the Biggest Threats to Student Privacy? Failure to Communicate

Lorrie Faith Cranor, a professor of computer science and of engineering and public policy in her office at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa. PITTSBURGH, Pa. – Online programs bring new educational resources to classrooms and homes. And with them comes the responsibility to ensure children are safe when they log in to play games,… Read more »