Nichole Dobo

U.S. Schools Have More Computers Than Ever. But What Are They Doing With All That (Expensive) Technology?

A show-stopping school of innovation today can quickly devolve into tomorrow’s has-been. Keeping track of who’s doing what in the diverse field of blended learning, which mixes online and in-person education, isn’t easy. There are few sure things in life, but the lightning-fast rate of change in education technology is a given. The Blended Learning… Read more »

Let’s Talk About Sex: Can Digital Devices Make Students Feel More Comfortable in Sensitive Classroom Discussions?

In a classroom of 400 college students, it can be difficult to lead an intimate conversation. And it can feel like an impossible challenge when you are trying to teach an introductory course about human sexuality, in a classroom of students who are majoring in everything from engineering to women’s studies. Preliminary research shows that… Read more »