Norman Matloff

Major in Engineering, No Hard Stuff Required

California Polytechnic State University’s campus in San Luis Obispo has an odd-sounding new major: liberal arts and engineering studies. What’s next, chemistry and philosophy? Statistics and mythology (“lies, damned lies and myths”)? Although “odd couple” majors have been around for a while, interdisciplinary studies is especially hot today, particularly related to engineering and other technology… Read more »

Dumbed-Down Math and Other Perils of Online College

For the first time, state legislators in the U.S. may require their public universities to grant students credit for online courses given by outside providers. A bill introduced in the California Senate would extend this concession only when a required class is full and not offered online at the college. The legislation, which is expected… Read more »

How Foreign Students Hurt U.S. Innovation

In the old days, the U.S. program for foreign-student visas helped developing nations and brought diversity to then white-bread American campuses. Today, the F-1 program, as it is known, has become a profit center for universities and a wage-suppression tool for the technology industry. International students are attractive to strapped colleges because they tend to… Read more »