Paul Baumann

Backward, Christian Soldiers

To end the culture war that divides America, we need to recognize that each side has the same roots: the radical democratic individualism of America’s Protestant heritage.

Losing Our Religion

Ross Douthat rightly asserts that religious faith is essential to America’s understanding of itself. But his own understanding of religion is suspiciously selective.

The Invisible Hand of God

n the beginning, preaches God Is Back: How the Global Revival of Faith Is Changing the World, God created Adam. No, not the dim-witted Adam with the nagging girlfriend and forbidden-fruit problem, but Adam Smith, the enterprising fellow with the thick burr, the invisible hand, and all those economic maxims drawn from an eighteenth-century pin… Read more »


t is widely bruited about these days that the once storybook marriage between the religious right and the Republican Party is troubled. Rumor has it that evangelical Christians and conservative Catholics have even been seen flirting with that most disreputable of suitors, the Democratic Party. The 2006 election of Senator Bob Casey in Pennsylvania and… Read more »

Bad Faith Effort

t will come as no surprise to those who watch cable TV, or who read Vanity Fair or Slate or the Atlantic, that Christopher Hitchens is mad as hell and isnt going to take it anymore. For years the indefatigable Hitchenspolitical columnist, ardent biographer of George Orwell, and self-styled scourge of liberal correctnesshas fulminated against… Read more »