Our Dumb Senate

OUR DUMB SENATE…. To echo dday and Ezra Klein, I tend to think that the problems with the Senate described in Chait’s new TNR article are structural. That is, the problem with the Senate is the Senate itself rather than the individual Senators. The fact that the Senate kills and waters down legislation is no… Read more »

Much Ado About NY-20

MUCH ADO ABOUT NY-20…. The big news tomorrow will be the special election in NY-20 to replace Senator Gillibrand. As you know by now, the election has become a proxy war for larger national battles over the stimulus. So there will inevitably be a lot of ink spilled on what the election means. Personally though,… Read more »

George Will’s Legal Extremism

GEORGE WILL’S LEGAL EXTREMISM…. Noted climatologist George Will shifted gears to constitutional law yesterday, arguing that the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 (EESA) (i.e., the bailout) is unconstitutional. The specific claim is that it violates the nondelegation doctrine, which holds that “legislative” acts cannot be “delegated” to other entities, particularly the executive branch. There… Read more »

Give Bayh a Chance?

GIVE BAYH A CHANCE?…. Evan Bayh’s working group hasn’t exactly taken the liberal blogosphere by storm. The reaction has been critical, and the most common complaint is that it’s simply a tool for business interests. That fear may prove correct. But let me be devil’s advocate for a moment and at least try to present… Read more »

The “Other” Reason Not To Torture

THE “OTHER” REASON NOT TO TORTURE…. The Bush administration was fond of citing Abu Zubaida as evidence of the great success of its “interrogation” policy. Bush himself claimed that Zubaida was al Qaeda’s “chief of operations,” and that he was a fount of valuable information. Zubaida also has the dubious honor of being the first… Read more »