Rachel Cohen

A Debt Ceiling Ace in the Hole?

With tensions over the government shutdown rising and the markets beginning to burn, The Daily Beast’s Michael Tomasky wrote yesterday that the Democrats just might have a workable plan- an unlikely solution from the unlikeliest source. In 2011, Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell proposed granting the president the authority to unilaterally raise the debt ceiling…. Read more »

Does Classified Research Corrupt an Academic Institution?

This week Johns Hopkins University received quite a bit of bad press for asking one of their faculty members, Matthew D. Green, to take down a blog post he wrote regarding recent encryption revelations associated with the National Security Agency (NSA). The incident raised major concerns about academic freedom and the role of classified government… Read more »

We Shouldn’t Go to War Based on Gut Feeling Alone

In an interview with NBC last night, President Obama urged the nation to watch YouTube videos from Syria showing disturbing images of dead men, women and children, as well as survivors writhing in agony on the ground. The White House says that’s the gruesome aftermath of a chemical weapons attack on August 21st , in… Read more »

Higher Education’s New Caste System

Yesterday, the Washington Monthly, in collaboration with the New America Foundation, hosted a panel discussion exploring, among other things, the White House’s recently proposed plan to develop alternative college ratings. James Kvaal, the Deputy Director of the White House Domestic Policy Council, who spoke at the event, explained that the new ratings, expected to be… Read more »