Rachel Morris


BYE BYE BONILLA… Yesterday’s news that Henry Bonilla lost his runoff in TX-23 to Democrat Ciro Rodriguez was surprising in one sense — Bonilla had a couple of million dollars at his disposal, while Rodriguez has never inspired much confidence among Dems as a campaigner. But apart from Bonilla’s sizeable financial advatange, all the other… Read more »

Commission Omissions

COMMISSION OMISSIONS… A couple of people wrote to me about my post yesterday, pointing out that Chris Dodd and Patrick Leahy both have measures in the works addressing the Military Commissions Act, which is true. But I don?t think these efforts will get very far?beyond Dodd, Leahy, Carl Levin and a few others, there doesn’t… Read more »


HABEAS SCHMABEAS… A lot of shameful things went on in the run-up to the midterm election, but to my mind the worst offence was the rushed passage of the Military Commissions Act, with its denial of habeas corpus to detainees. Jeffrey Toobin has a useful primer in the New Yorker this week which a) reminds… Read more »

The Race to Gerrymander

On a fresh Saturday morning in early September, about 15 people gather in an office in a rundown mall in Monroe, Mich., to campaign for Bob Schockman, a first-time Democratic candidate for the state Senate. Monroe is a small city of about 22,000 people 40 miles from Detroit. That day, the citys paper notes that… Read more »

Base Instinct

Conventional wisdom assumes that the House Republicans insistence on enforcement-only immigration reform will help them in November despite the long-term risks. As Rep. Jeff Flake (R-Ariz) puts it, There are people in the House who think this issue is our magic carpet ride. However, its possible that House Republicans may be badly misreading the views… Read more »