Ramesh Ponnuru

Hold the Champagne, Republicans

What if the Democrats win? The prevailing assumption is that Republicans will take the Senate in the midterm elections on Nov. 4. It would be a surprise if they didn’t. But not a huge surprise. In the poll averages at RealClearPolitics, Republican Senate candidates have leads smaller than 2.3 percentage points in Alaska, Georgia and… Read more »

When Ben Affleck and Bill Maher Debate Islam, Everyone Loses

It was a long and meaty debate by talk-show standards, which is to say it was short and stupid. Ben Affleck, Bill Maher, Sam Harris, Nicholas Kristof and Michael Steele spent several minutes debating Islam on Maher’s HBO show last week, and the debate among the liberals in the bunch got pretty heated. (Steele didn’t… Read more »

Hillary’s New Message Should Scare Republicans

Over the weekend, Hillary Clinton went to Iowa for the first time since she lost the caucuses there in 2008. If her remarks there are any indication, she’s planning to campaign­­ for president in 2016 on two themes: the war on women and middle-class economic struggles. Not everyone understands what she’s up to. The Washington… Read more »

Monetary Policy Isn’t Class Warfare

What the poor need now, according to some pundits, is more inflation. The latest to make the argument is Pascal-Emmanuel Gobry, writing at The Week. Others argue further that central banks throughout the developed world have been held back from generating the required inflation because it would hurt the rich. This sort of class-based analysis… Read more »

Another 1998 Disaster for Republicans?

With elections looming in November, Republicans are counting on President Barack Obama’s unpopularity to deliver them control of the Senate. They’re not running on an agenda, refusing even in broad outline to say how they would reform the tax code or replace Obama’s health-care law. Some conservatives are unhappy about that. National Review complained in… Read more »