Ramesh Ponnuru

Rubio the Reformer

In a hostile take on Bill Clinton’s campaign during the 1992 presidential primaries, two left-wing journalists wrote that his supporters “fired off neoliberal proposals like a Salad Shooter spews lettuce shreds.” Senator Marco Rubio, a Florida Republican, seems to have adopted a similar approach. In his case, however, it’s conservative reforms that he is spitting… Read more »

What Does Eric Cantor’s Defeat Mean? Nobody Knows

Every political pundit in the country is, right now, writing about what House majority leader Eric Cantor’s defeat in today’s Republican primary means. But how sure can we be that we know what it means? Essentially none of the pundits, including me, had any inkling that he was going to lose — let alone lose,… Read more »

Why ObamaCare Can’t Be ‘Fixed’

Monica Wehby, the Republican Senate candidate in Oregon, has fallen prey to a common delusion: that Obamacare can be “fixed.” On her campaign website, Wehby, a surgeon, runs through a list of changes she wants made to the president’s health-care overhaul. She would, among other things, get rid of the individual mandate to buy health… Read more »

‘Check Your Privilege’ Means ‘Shut Your Mouth’

We’ve all known forever that Princeton University is a place of many privileges. It has recently gotten a new one: Starting an argument from there, filled with conservative sentiments and anecdotes, is now a surefire way to command the attention of the Internet. Last time it was “the Princeton mom,” Susan Patton, who wrote to… Read more »

Everyone Is Misreading Pope Francis on Inequality

“Inequality is the root of social evil,” Pope Francis wrote in a Twitter post yesterday, with words that thrilled the left worldwide more than anything he had said since denouncing “trickle-down theories” of economics. We could read the definite article in his latest statement as indicating that the pope believes all social evil has inequality… Read more »