Randolph Brickey

Learning You’re Not Elite

Jesse Singal has a nice review of Chris Hayes’ new book, Twilight of the Elites. In it, the author takes on the uncomfortable but essential task of confronting America’s increasingly desperate faith in the just world fallacy. From his study of Hayes’ book, Singal writes that “those near the middle are only just now seeing… Read more »

The University of Virginia’s Case Study in Money, Speech and Strategic Dynamism

Citizen’s United altered the American political landscape in ways we’re still struggling to understand. But one immediately apparent change is the increasing presence of individual billionaires in our political system. Sheldon Adelson, in particular, made himself known through the Republican primary by financing entire political campaigns solely to air his personal grievances. This dynamic isn’t… Read more »

U.S. District Court Forces EPA to Update Soot Regulations

It’s been widely reported for the past day or two that the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA has issued new, more protective regulations governing the emissions of soot from refineries and other large, industrial emitters. This action is the product of intensive litigation by the American Lung Association, several environmental NGOs, and 11 states, which produced… Read more »

John Yoo, Impervious to Irony, Makes Bad Legal Argument

John Yoo was one of several up and comers in the Bush DOJ who traded in their credibility and integrity by attempting, unpersuasively, to defend torture. He has since found a home with the Berkeley Law School, where he primarily teaches Constitutional and International Public Law. He’s a piece of work. And he still makes… Read more »

Catholic Health Association Caves on Contraceptive Rule

For the past several years, the Catholic Health Association (CHA) demonstrated real political courage. When the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB) tried to condemn the Affordable Care Act and then the recent Health and Human Services contraceptive rule by associating them with abortion, the CHA challenged the bishops’ dishonest political rhetoric. For their honesty,… Read more »