Rebecca Sinderbrand


WHITHER OLLIE?… Anniversary stories are the journalistic equivalent of strawberry Pop-Tarts; a steady diet won’t do, but in a pinch, they make for reliable, easily-prepared filler. Editors start off the year with a lengthy calendar that reads like a high school history final crib sheet, where the moon landing bumps up against the Battle of… Read more »

Over on Showdown, Matt Cooper has some great perspective on the largely-overlooked Deval Patrick win in the Massachusetts gubernatorial contest last night — a victory that was surprising mostly for the lack of surprise involved. But as Matt points out, the race shouldn’t have been a sure thing: Patrick’s not-so-secret weapon in his first race… Read more »

UPDATE on the GOP’s shrinking cash advantage

UPDATE on the GOP’s shrinking cash advantage: Karl Rove’s campaign success has generally rested on creating an aura of inevitable dominance. That’s obviously a bit tougher this cycle — and as Greg Sargent points out, his bluff has just been called on the latest campaign finance numbers. Of course, the biggest surprise here is the… Read more »