Rhiannon M. Kirkland

Severe Flooding Hits South Alberta

Riverfront Ave, Calgary. Ryan L. C. Quan CC Southern Alberta, including Banff, Canmore, High River, Kananaskis Country, and Calgary has been hit by the worst flooding in Alberta’s history. The cause was an unseasonably late snowmelt in the mountains, combined with sudden, heavy precipitation. More pictures and reporting below the fold. Flooding on Memorial Drive… Read more »

China’s Empty Houses: If You Build It They Might Come

Images of empty houses built and then never lived in or lived in and then lost are synonymous with bad policy-making and the consequences of the Great Recession. In Ireland they represent a country gone from Celtic Tiger to nightmare, leaving ghost estates standing as a reminder of the dreams of a far better time…. Read more »

Another Day, Another Thing Blows Up

In the small Texas town of West, just north of Waco a fire at a fertilizer plant turned into an explosion and is estimated to have killed betweenfive and 15 people—amongst them were likely fire fighters trying to quell the blaze—and injured more than 160 others. Homes and businesses in the surrounding area were damaged… Read more »

Boston Bombing: One Suspect Dead, One On the Run

UPDATE: Ruslan Tsarni, the instantly famous uncle of the suspected Boston Marathon bombers, spoke at a sort of impromptu press conference, and advised his surviving nephew to turn himself in: Good god, the amount of armor moving by the MSNBC camera throughout their entire shot. twitter.com/BuzzFeedAndrew… — Andrew Kaczynski (@BuzzFeedAndrew) April 19, 2013 It has… Read more »