Rich Yeselson

You want to know something the federal government is good at?

Temporarily taking over dysfunctional, yet critical industries (or even entire industrial sectors) and improving their efficiency and bottom lines. The other day Mitt Romney repeated his opposition to the restructuring of GM and Chrysler using public money.. As many have remarked, including former Washington Monthly super blogger, Steve Benen, this would almost sound sensible except… Read more »

A World View Encapsulated in a Backward Glance

Michelle Goldberg and Michael Tomasky have excellent columns up at the Daily Beast, which catalog the comprehensive push by conservatives around the country to demean, control, and otherwise subordinate women who don’t conform to traditional gender roles. In Oklahoma, a bill passed by the State Senate would outlaw in vitro fertilization, since it depends upon… Read more »

And one more thing about Jeb Bush…

He is, by political instincts as a Florida politician, and by the example of his own family, a immigration moderate. Yet there is no issue which galvanizes the Republican base as much as its anti-immigration resentment. As Theda Skocpol and Vanessa Williamson argue in their brilliant and definitive analysis of the Tea Party, immigration animus… Read more »

Coming Closer Closer….

A “prominent Republican senator”says that he will call for a new candidate to join the GOP race if Romney loses Michigan. He figures that Santorum and Newt would both lose 35 states. His choice would be Jeb Bush. Many analysts think that this is preposterous scenario–the deadline would have passed to enter many states, etc…. Read more »