Rich Yeselson

Occupy Oakland doesn’t seem to have a plan

The Occupy episode (which I prefer to “movement” in this case) seems to have created its most powerful bastion in Oakland, scene of many social justice fights over the decades. Demonstrators had another march last night, a week or so after attempting to storm City Hall. One protester was quoted in the linked article above… Read more »

“Hey, how do you program this damn thing?”

Apologies for the technical glitches this morning. My computer froze (and then my dog ate the computer), and, in shifting to another computer and in still getting used to doing this blogging thing, I posted some stuff before I had finished the posts–if you reread them, you will see they now make sense, or at… Read more »

Sheldon Adelson Always Bets Against the Union

Sheldon Adelson didn’t amass a $20 billion fortune by making dumb investments–or, at least, by continuing to make dumb investments. The Timesreports that Adelson, who has known and liked Romney for years, is prepared to contribute substantial money to the Romney cause, and recognizes that his other friend, Newt, may not make it. Adelson clearly… Read more »

A Note about Thinking Historically

I see my off the cuff idea that the 1940 presidential election might have some telling similarities to the current race triggered a lively response in the comments section. That was my intention (and among the “silent majority” of readers), not to imply that it was a particularly tight comparison. Yes, as many have pointed,… Read more »