Rich Yeselson

Romney’s Truth that tells a Lie

So, no surprise, Mitt wins big last night in Nevada. He carries 91% of the 26% of the caucus goers who are Mormons, so that helps him carry overlapping categories like “extremely conservative” and “strong tea party supporter” too. But he also carries Evangelicals, so its pretty much a clean sweep for him of the… Read more »

Will this year’s election be similar to the one in 1940?

I don’t want to carry this too far, and I haven’t entirely worked it out yet, but 1940 might well be an interesting template thru which to view this year’s election. Today, as then, the country will be emerging from a vast economic calamity with a Democratic liberal in charge. Today as then, the Republicans… Read more »

The Weaker you get, the Weaker you get

Arizona seems poised to pass a draconian anti-union measure. This, of course, follows in the wake of Wisconsin, Ohio (since repealed via referendum), and, just this week, Indiana. The paradox in all of these actions is that union density is as low as its been in 75 years. And the ratio of public to private… Read more »