Rick Ungar

A Gasoline Conspiracy to Set Fire to the Obama Administration?

I’ve never been much of a conspiracy theorist as it is not my inclination to see evil lurking behind every bush (no pun intended.) More times than not, things are—for the most part—pretty much as they appear to be. However, there is a strange anomaly occurring on the highways of America and in the boardrooms… Read more »

Conservatives Turn The Dogs Loose On Newt

With Newt Gingrich looking like a potential winner in the Republican sweepstakes to take on the President in November, people are getting nervous. And when I say people, I’m not just talking about the campaign staffs of Mitt Romney or President Obama. I’m not even thinking about progressive Americans or, for that matter, the reasonable… Read more »

Santoruming Out of Iowa

As I followed the Iowa caucuses Tuesday night, I could not help but wonder why I was bothering. After all, I could have had the TV tuned into a re-run of “How I Met Your Mother” or some other bit of visual fluff that was far more entertaining than following entrance polls, reading countywide results,… Read more »

How Wal-Mart Could Re-elect Barack Obama

Sam Walton was a man of considerable talent who, almost single-handedly, built the greatest retailing operation the world has ever seen, innovated an entirely new approach to inventory efficiency and became fabulously wealthy as a result. While Sam’s accomplishments and contributions to innovation are legendary, Walton was also a devout anti-unionist and a committed Republican…. Read more »