Robert Worth

Americas Real Drug Problem

Frank and Lois Dezelich never considered themselves poor. Frank worked in construction and building insulation all his life, and when they retired they built their own home in Bedford, Va. Then Frank had a stroke, and lost his speech and became paralyzed on one side. Medicare, the federal program to insure the elderly against the… Read more »

Asleep on the Beat

When Newt Gingrich and his fellow Republicans forced a temporary government shutdown in late 1995, Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Carol Browner scored points for the president by warning that “the environmental cop is not on the beat.” Her warning worked. The image of government standing idly by while corporate polluters fouled the air and water… Read more »

The Scandal of Special-Ed

If you’ve ever wondered what the words “special education” mean, consider Saundra Lemons. A tall, gangly 19 year-old senior in a Washington D.C. public high school, she is quiet and attentive. Like the vast majority of children in special ed, she’s not blind or deaf or confined to a wheelchair; instead, she has had trouble… Read more »

Guess Who Saved the South Bronx?

On Dec. 10, 1997, President Clinton made a surprise appearance in the South Bronx. After a brief stroll through the once-blighted neighborhood of Charlotte Street, Clinton credited local community development groups with transforming the nation’s worst slum into a livable place over the past 15 years. “Look at where the Bronx was when [president] Carter… Read more »