Ryan Cooper

Time for Obama to Go Big on Pardons

Yesterday, President Obama commuted the sentences of eight people who had been sentenced under the old crack cocaine sentencing regime, and pardoned 13 more who had already been released, a welcome move for a president who has had an extraordinarily stingy record on pardons. Dafna Linzer digs into one of those cases, a man named… Read more »

Senate Hardliners and Iran

Senator Menendez’s new sanctions bill is finally getting some pushback from other Senate Dems: In a remarkable rebuke to Senate Foreign Relations Committee Chairman Bob Menendez (D-N.J.), 10 other Senate committee chairs are circulating a joint letter to Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, urging him to reject an effort by Menendez to tighten sanctions… Read more »

Stop and Frisk Is Everywhere

Today we’ve got a sneak peek of our new issue (which will be coming out December 26th). It’s a really great piece by Charles Epp and Steven Maynard-Moody, about how stop-and-frisk-style tactics are rampant across America: What few Americans (or at least white Americans) know is that stop and frisk is not limited to New… Read more »

The Austerity Cultural Conspiracy

Paul Krugman laid out a remarkable fact a couple days ago: government spending is shrinking faster than at any time since the post-WWII demobilization. This would notable in and of itself, but coming when the economy is so weak—when aggregate demand has been chronically insufficient for so long—it’s horrifying. It’s unprecedented austerity at the worst… Read more »

Morning Jams

Morning folks! Here’s a laid-back mix for a gray but warm DC morning: