Ryan Cooper

Environmentalism Translated Into VSPish

There have long been reports that much farmland in China is too poisoned to grow food—this WSJ report from earlier this year told the story of rice farmers who grew inedible product only to qualify for a subsidy from a local chemical factory. Turns out the situation has gotten so bad that the government has… Read more »

An Inequality Reading List

On doing some research for a thing on inequality, I’ve been surfing around and discovered a couple great published works that are worth your time: 1) The Price of Inequality, by Joseph Stiglitz. This is a fairly personal and polemical book that nonetheless has its economic case down, as one would expect. It has relatively… Read more »

Financial Reform Doing Surprisingly Well

Readers of Haley Edwards’ big piece on Dodd-Frank (by my lights the best piece of journalism in 2013) know the extent to which the financial reform deck is stacked against the reformers. There’s the imbalance in resources, courts that were stacked with conservative holdouts, and probably worst of all an attention imbalance. Wall Street had… Read more »

Private Industry Just Can’t Handle Online Videogames

There have been a series of recent stories in the games industry highlighting private sector incompetence with online game development. Last year, the game company Blizzard fumbled the launch of its highly-anticipated Diablo 3. Earlier this year Electronic Arts did even worse with the launch of Simcity, winning it the title of “

The GOP’s Insane Race Strategy

Over at TMS today, Harold Pollack highlights a stark paper from Perspectives on Politics. The Republican shameful record on minority voting during the 2012 election was a common story on the left. But after closer study, the results are in, and they aren’t pretty: Our results indicate that proposal and passage are highly partisan, strategic,… Read more »