Ryan Cooper

The Real Problem with “Ubertarians”

Aaron Weiner had quite a social media get over this piece coining the phrase “Ubertarian,” lampooning the deregulating, density and affordable housing advocates who just looove their black car service, and fixing such people into the urban constellation as just one more breed of NIMBY hypocrites. And there surely are such people. But in the… Read more »

A Merry Sherlock Mini-Episode Christmas

The BBC series Sherlock is the only TV series besides Good Eats that I have watched all the way through (mostly because there’s only six episodes total). It’s quite good. So for those fans out there, and I’m sure there are a few, here’s a little mini-episode to whet your appetite for the January 1st… Read more »

Morning Timelapse

Merry War on Christmas Eve, folks! As usual, we’ll be on a Lite Holiday Blogging schedule today. City Lights from Colin Rich on Vimeo.

Evening Links

That’s it for today, folks, pardon me running a bit late. See you tomorrow for some Christmas pre-gaming. It’ll be lite blogging tomorrow, but you just might see a quick Ed Kilgore appearance if you’ve been extra good this year. Until then, here are some links from around the web: 1. Dean Baker outlines how… Read more »

Why the Monthly Deserves Your Support, In Three Amazing Words

Here they are: Haley Sweetland Edwards. This has been a banner year for our star reporter. She wrote three blockbuster pieces: “He Who Makes the Rules,” on the guts of the rule-writing process, “Special Deal,” about the secret cartel that controls medicine, and “America’s Worst Community Colleges,” well you know what that’s about. All three… Read more »