Ryan Cooper

Americans Surprisingly Supportive of Unemployment Insurance

Well, how else are we going to make budget headroom for tax cuts at the top? With conservatives’ bitter hatred for any government spending on the lower 80 percent or so of the income ladder, and the public’s approval of Congress falling into the single digits, one could be forgiven for thinking that regular people… Read more »

Red States and the Future of the Medicaid Expansion

Here at Political Animal Ed has been rather skeptical of the fate of the Medicaid expansion in Republican states. Some argue that the coalition of powerful and wealthy interest groups—doctors, insurance companies, etc—that would benefit hugely from the expansion would eventually bring Republicans around, while other were skeptical of those groups’ purchase on Republican officeholders…. Read more »

Story of the Day: Serwer on Sotomayor

A week ago a federal judge ruled that the NSA dragnet surveillance program of Americans’ phone records was probably unconstitutional, which will almost certainly end up before the Supreme Court soon, and two days later the presidents own commission recommended the programs be sharply scaled back. Today, Adam Serwer is out with a splendid piece… Read more »

Lunch Break

Merry War on Christmas, loyal Monthly readers! As you know, it’s time for our annual fundraiser. Would you consider a small donation? Every little bit helps. 1. Today’s the Obamacare 2014 enrollment deadline! What does that mean? 2. Fighting is breaking out is South Sudan. Hayes Brown over at TP has a nice explainer. 3…. Read more »

American Service Provision Is Extraordinarily Inefficient

It’s commonplace on the left to worry about the extreme stinginess of the American safety net, and when you chart direct social insurance spending America does tend to come down pretty far in the charts. But, as Suzanne Mettler pointed out here in the Monthly more than two years ago, this doesn’t account for tax… Read more »