Ryan Cooper

Afternoon Links

While I’m having a late lunch, enjoy some pickings from around the web: 1. RIP Ray Bradbury. Henry from Crooked Timber names some of his favorite stories. 2. How the middle class enables the ultra-rich. Not sure how I feel about that one. 3. Paul Krugman is fast become a folk hero. Makes me wonder… Read more »

The Liberal Path to Power

Reading my posts and their comments* from yesterday about political power and elite intellectual failure, I think the points could be clarified, brought together, and strengthened. So here’s the essence. There’s a narrative among the elite DC insider media (think David Gregory, or Politico) that the way to get political power is to promise voters… Read more »

Friedman and the Pundit’s Fallacy

Thomas Friedman wants a grand bargain (again): “If I were President Obama, I’d focus my entire campaign now on an effort to reforge a “grand bargain” with Republicans based on a near-term infrastructure stimulus tied with a Simpson-Bowles long-term fiscal rebalancing,” he writes. Maybe Friedman doesn’t remember, but Bowles-Simpson includes revenue increases and defense cuts. Those… Read more »

Last Night Results

So the big headline news last night was Scott Walker’s disappointing win in the recall election, though the Dems appear to have taken the Wisconsin Senate. But there were several other results worth noting. First, one Shmuley Boteach, a Rabbi, sex therapist, and former “spiritual adviser” to Michael Jackson, won the GOP primary for New… Read more »

Solving Real Problems

(My sincere condolences to Ed, whose stepfather died last night. RIP good sir. While Ed takes care of funeral arrangements, I’ll be kicking in a few more posts today.) So things are looking pretty grim. In Europe, Greece is circling the drain faster and faster; it could be broke by July. Martin Wolf titles his… Read more »