Ryan Cooper

Postscript: Wisconsin

Despite my ragging on political coverage earlier today, there is a genuinely gripping recall election going down tonight in Wisconsin, against Tea Party favorite Scott Walker. As usual, TPM has the goods. Check out their piece on what looks like massive turnout, and check out TPM Livewire for updates. Finally, see here for all the… Read more »

Good Evening

That’s it for me today, folks, hopefully Ed will be back tomorrow with usual Monthly stuff. Here are some evening reads: 1. Apparently in Norwegian prison the government hires friends for you. 2. Sullivan has some dedicated readers. 3. Cap-and-trade isn’t dead outside the United States. 4. Donald Trump, noted birther fruitcake, is offended by… Read more »

Nicotine Is Not Poison

Indulge me in a bit of a hobbyhorse, if you will. This is responding to Andrew Sullivan, who says it is and quotes a graf from this Wired piece: And it’s that elegant arrangement that turns nicotine into such an effective poison, moving through the bloodstream with exceptional speed. When inhaled, nicotine travels from lung… Read more »

Political Analysis of the Day

I hope readers aren’t annoyed by my relative lack of blogging on the ups-and-downs of the campaign. Ever since 2008 I have found it increasingly hard to pay close attention to the political minutiae of gaffes, attacks, counterattacks, and polls, partly because I think it’s dramatically over-covered, partly just general preference, and partly because a… Read more »

The Monthly, Journalist Creation Machine

Something you might not know about the Washington Monthly is how many people got their start working for us. Here’s a partial list, in no particular order: Taylor Branch, journalist and author of America in the King Years Kate Boo, journalist and author of Behind the Beautiful Forevers Steve Benen, blogger and producer for the… Read more »