Ryan Cooper

Why I Am Wary of Government

Speaking of young people, Kevin Drum has a question: Over the years, most of us have retained roughly the same view of whether the government is wasteful and inefficient. The postwar (“Silent”) and Boomer generations hover around 65% and Gen X hovers around 55% — with very little change as members of those generations get… Read more »

Did Somebody Order Some Space Telescopes?

Schoolchildren everywhere know about the Hubble Space Telescope and its amazing pictures of the universe, and also how it’s slowly decaying and will probably be abandoned someday soon. But fear not, space enthusiasts, don’t be sad, Time has some good news for you: The National Science Foundation has just revealed the existence of not one… Read more »

Age Discrimination on the Right

Jonah Goldberg got a lot of attention recently for his tirade against the young in a Daily Caller interview, where he (among other things) suggested that that people aged 18-21 should have their right to vote revoked. As a young person (though not young enough to be subject to Goldberg’s disenfranchisement) it’s obviously irritating to… Read more »

Elites and Intellectual Failure

I agree mostly with Matt Yglesias’ diagnosis of the scariness of American political institutions, and the even greater uneasiness that European institutions inspire. I want to quibble with this graf however: Think seriously about it and you’ll see that it just can’t be that everyone in Frankfurt and Brussels and Berlin and Madrid and Athens… Read more »

Morning Links

Hello again folks, Ryan here. Ed is still dealing with a family issue, so I’ll be filling in a bit again today. Send your prayers, thoughts, and karmic vibrations Ed’s way. Until I get underway, here are some things from around the web. 1. BP demands scientist emails over a Gulf spill lawsuit. I’m sure… Read more »