Ryan Cooper

What Is the Monthly Worth to You?

In case you weren’t aware, the Washington Monthly is now and always has been a labor of love, not money. We’re a nonprofit, and we keep expenses cut down to the bone. Even so, we rely to a large degree on reader support. So what’s the Monthly worth to you? Read Editor-in-chief Paul Glastris’s appeal…. Read more »

Education Event Tomorrow at the New America Foundation

Education reform is a topic coverage of which has been largely despairing for the last several years. To be sure, it’s easy to whip up a litany of failures: compared to other developed countries our system is lagging badly, educational outcomes are lousy by international standards, national-level reform has been controversial and slow, and the… Read more »

Behind the Struggle for Cato

The Washingtonian has an interesting look behind the curtain at the vicious cloakroom backstabbery going down as the Brothers Koch try to take control of the Cato Institute (a libertarian think tank). It’s got a lot of great background (I particularly liked the bit about Charles Koch’s nutty “market-based management” scheme), but the meat of… Read more »

More on the FDA and Science

Hello, Ryan here again, just helping Mr. Kilgore out with a post or two today. Anyway, my post from Friday about the FDA got a lot of responses. (To summarize briefly, Rand Paul got a proposal passed saying the FDA should accept science performed outside the US, while Alex Tabarrok went further, proposing to automatically… Read more »

Weekend Links

Well folks, that’s it for me. Thanks for reading and commenting. This was the first time I’ve ever guest-hosted at such a big place, and though I was super nervous at the start, it seemed to go reasonably well. I hope I wasn’t too big a letdown for people expecting their Kilgore fix. You can… Read more »