Ryan Cooper

US Carbon Emissions Down in 2011?

So reports Brad Plumer. He explains: The IEA offers up three reasons for the decline: First, many U.S. power companies have been swapping out coal for somewhat cleaner natural gas, since the latter has become so cheap. That’s helped. The United States also had a mild winter in 2011, which meant less energy was needed… Read more »

Is Wall Street Extractive or Inclusive?

I mentioned earlier how Why Nations Fail is one of my favorite books of the last few months. It’s not perfect, but I’ve found its ideas to be very useful in clearing away some of the ideological shrubbery from around various issues. Briefly, the thesis of the book is that countries succeed or fail in… Read more »

Eurodoom Continues Apace–Is America Next?

I’m late to this particular party, but the news out of the Eurozone keeps getting worse and worse: The eurozone crisis has led to the region’s economy contracting at the fastest pace for almost three years and sent German business confidence tumbling this month. Matt Yglesias notes the implications of the continuing “bank jog” (currency… Read more »

Elsewhere on the Monthly Site

1. Ezra Klein explains why neither Romney nor Obama want to talk about Romney’s time as governor of Massachusetts. 2. Michael Kinsley explains what he found on a junket to China. 3. Keith Humphreys gets slightly cranky about the lights and animation in a David Frum video. I thought it was pretty good! He would… Read more »

Robert Caro Is Not a Big Fan of the Filibuster

Alec MacGillis was giving Robert Caro some grief about his “great man” fetish and support of the filibuster the other day: The Senate’s problem is not a lack of “genius.” (After all, it has Chuck Schumer.) As Caro surely knows, the problem goes deeper than that—and has a lot more to do with what these… Read more »