Ryan Cooper

The Wonk Gap

Adam Serwer had a good point months back, during the Libya intervention: More to the point, though, is that President Obama faces what you might call a “hack deficit.” There simply aren’t many legal scholars on the left who are willing to give Obama a pass. Unlike right-wing legal writers, left-leaning ones are treating Obama… Read more »

Lunch Links

Time for a break! In case you’re leaving soon on vacation for the Memorial Day weekend, have a lovely holiday. Mr. Kilgore should be back in the saddle come Monday. For now, here are some links from around the web, chosen by carefully crafted algorithms (as in, if I don’t close some tabs on Chrome,… Read more »

Apostate Conservatives

Another point about the decay of the conservative intelligentsia is just how far people go when they finally quit the movement. They don’t just fade into retirement or neutrality, they get angry. Bruce Bartlett, a former Reagan adviser, says things like ““I think a good chunk of the Republican caucus is either stupid, crazy, ignorant… Read more »

How to Streamline the FDA

Rand Paul got a genuinely interesting idea passed yesterday: Today the U.S. Senate voted to pass the Food and Drug Administration Safety and Innovation Act (S.3187), which included language inserted by Sen. Rand Paul. This language would force the FDA to accept data from clinical investigations conducted outside the United States, including the European Union,… Read more »

Books for the 99 Percent

These are just a few titles that I’ve been reading recently that I’ve found to be relevant to our life and times. 1. The Great Divergence, by Monthly alum Tim Noah. This isn’t a work of art so much as a kind of handy guidebook to how the elites are siphoning off an ever-increasing share… Read more »