Ryan Cooper

Most People Either Support Obamacare or Think It Doesn’t Go Far Enough

Something Greg Sargent has been pointing out endlessly is the fact that people’s attitudes towards the Affordable Care Act have been remarkably stable despite a deluge of apocalyptic media coverage. This is confirmed yet again with a new poll from CNN/ORC. If you ask people whether they favor or oppose Obamacare, 62% oppose. However, if… Read more »

The Rapid Decline of 60 Minutes

David Carr has a great piece today about the plummeting credibility of CBS’s flagship program 60 Minutes. First there was Lara Logan’s Benghazi faceplant. Then there was Charlie Rose’s Jeff Bezos tonguebath. Most recently and worst, there is the John Miller NSA whitewash: The Sunday before the damning study, the program produced a segment that… Read more »

Justine Sacco Sacked

It was about two and a half years ago that I finished up my Peace Corps service, got on a plane in Johannesburg and flew to Durango, Colorado, via stops in Dubai, Los Angeles and Denver. (Total travel time: about 40 hours.) The Dubai-LA leg was 16 hours nonstop, and the geography works out such… Read more »

Morning Video

Morning folks! Ryan back again today. Here’s friend of the blog Aaron Carroll with a short video blowing up some holiday myths:

Evening Linkapalooza

That’s it for today, folks. I’ll be back for most of next week, but Kathleen Geier will be taking over for the weekend. I hope everyone is having a good holiday, and you’ve all got someone to at least keep you company; if you’ve got a few spare bucks and are still on the fence,… Read more »