Ryan Cooper

The Hidden AmeriCorps and Media Elites

AmeriCorps, as noted before here, is the largest national service organization in the United States outside the military. More than 80,000 people every year do service work in this program across the country for a pittance. Its support has historically been broad-based and bipartisan, with one consistent complaint. Despite the fact that today nearly three… Read more »

Is There National Service in the Air?

George Clooney’s new movie, The Ides of March, about the shady backroom dealing of a presidential campaign, has been getting mixed reviews for its strong acting but weak plot, bad script, and “basic misunderstanding of politics.” But one scene is worth extracting, where Ryan Gosling, playing the candidate’s campaign manager, lays out a case for… Read more »

Obama, AmeriCorps, and Jobs

Back in the halcyon days of 2008, Barack Obama talked a lot about national service. He famously proposed a plan to double the Peace Corps and triple AmeriCorps. Though the Peace Corps didn’t get quite that size a boost, AmeriCorps did: back in 2009 President Obama signed a bill to triple its size, though the… Read more »

Herman Cain’s New Ad

On first thought, one might expect that a kind of Darwinian mechanism operating between the press and presidential candidates these days would weed out all but two classes of political advertisements: the bland, anodyne type, and the dishonest, viciously negative type. A candidate would want to avoid even the faintest whiff of strangeness. After all,… Read more »

Herman Cain and Health Care for Small Business

In a surprising swing in the Republican presidential field, Herman Cain has rocketed to second place, just behind Mitt Romney. Like all the other candidates, he has promised to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and even claimed (falsely) that he would have died from his liver cancer under Obamacare. Cain actually got his start in… Read more »