Ryan Cooper

Liberal Economic Policy Is Popular

How can we figure out what people think? There are, like, millions of them! Contra Sam Youngman, going out and talking to Real Americans at random is not an inherently superior method of figuring out what the people want compared to polling. In fact, such aggregation problems are precisely why God made statistical sampling. It… Read more »

Paul Ryan Gets Another Inexplicable Pundit Tongue Bath

Paul Ryan’s ability to play the more gullible of the DC pundit class like a particularly well-greased harpsichord continues to amaze. Jonathan Chait wrote on this tendency at length in early 2012, and after Ryan spent pretty much the entire 2012 campaign lying constantly, the earnest Wonk King image was somewhat tarnished. (As Harry Truman… Read more »

Fighting the Good Fight

As you’ve no doubt aware, we’re having our annual fundraiser. Personally, the Monthly has been extraordinarily generous to me, both in giving me opportunities to write (and be edited, an increasingly rare experience), and in allowing me the companionship of the best journalists in the business. But I think the proudest I’ve ever been to… Read more »

Today’s Top-Down Class Warfare, in Four Infuriating Examples

Yesterday budget agreement for next year just passed Congress, and it doesn’t have an extension of unemployment insurance. Senate Dems will take up the extension after the break, but it probably it won’t pass the GOP-controlled House. I have often written about the Republican crusade for austerity, but the truth isn’t quite that simple. Austerity… Read more »

Lunch Links

Pardon me folks, while I scarf down a quick meal. It’s been a good year here at the Monthly, and I hope you’ll consider a tax-deductible donation before year’s end. 1. Nick Baumann has an astonishing story about an FBI agent who filed a secret interrogation manual in a very strange place. 2. Another reminder… Read more »