Samuel Knight

Bernie 2016! (Sunday Evening Grab Bag/Final Thoughts of the Weekend)

*Unlike Elizabeth Warren, who said she isn’t running for President in 2016 despite the recent tsunami of ink practically begging for her to do so, Bernie Sanders hasn’t ruled out a progressive candidacy. Via Friday’s Burlington Free Press: “There are people in this world who, ever since they were 12 years of age, they decided… Read more »

La. Election shows Obamacare causing Tea Party maladies

For all the chatter about healthcare reforming rocking Democrats, a special election in the deep south last night indicates that the Tea Party is DC’s sick man. Vance McAllister, an outsider-businessman, won 60% of the vote and defeated state senator Neal Riser in the contest to represent Lousiana’s 5th district in the House. Both are… Read more »

Bigger Picture Problems and Causes

This website business is no small potatoes. As I alluded to in the previous post, problems with have serious implications. They make ACA-mandated program cancellations and the general transition to Obamacare harder for both the administration and Americans to cope with. On Friday, Josh Marshall quoted, at length, a reader who desperately wants the… Read more »

Ayotte on Meet The Press: Do No Harm. Do Nothing for the Uninsured.

Kelly Ayotte was on Meet the Press this morning, demonstrating that, despite the ACA roll-out debacle, Republicans still have nothing to offer uninsured Americans. Discussing health insurance plan cancellations, Ayotte said that the government should “do no harm,” quoting the Hippocratic Oath. Without offering much detail, she said a Republican alternative to the ACA would… Read more »