Sara Neufeld

Does Anyone Have the Answers on School Turnarounds?

At Quitman Street Renew School in Newark, Principal Erskine Glover faces the ongoing challenge of keeping the right teachers in place. Photo: Amanda Brown/NJ Spotlight Forty states say they don’t have the expertise required to support low-performing schools turning around, according to a new federal report. Really? There are 10 states that do? As everyone… Read more »

Do the Arts Go Hand in Hand With Common Core?

Zarria Porter, 14, stands in front of “Song of the Towers,” her favorite of the 69 paintings replicated to hang in her school. Photo: Kevin Hagen Fourteen-year-old Zarria Porter spends her days surrounded by fine works of art. On her way to dance and computer classes, she passes through a sun-drenched lobby showcasing Georgia O’Keeffe’s… Read more »

Expelled in Preschool

CHICAGO — A few years ago, 4-year-old Danny was on the verge of being expelled from a Chicago preschool for violent behavior when a woman named Lauren Wiley was called in to help. She met with the boy’s teacher, who thought he needed to be medicated for attention deficit disorder. But as Wiley listened, the teacher… Read more »

How Do You Fix America’s High Schools? We’re Going to Find Out

By now, we all know the importance of quality early childhood education in setting students up for success. But what about all the kids who don’t get needed interventions, start school behind and stay stuck there? Many arrive in high school several years below grade level. Their teachers and administrators have one last chance to… Read more »