Scott Shuger

Who Are the Homeless?

That question sets off others of my own that go unspoken: “What does this guy do with the money?” “Doesn’t begging like this make him feel awful?” “Why doesn’t it make him feel awful enough to stop and get a job?” “How did he get in this fix?” “Is he really in a fix, or… Read more »

The high cost of unaccountable accounting

It’s an old joke, yes, but for too many of the nation’s accountants it’s something else. It’s a living. There they were, the accountants from the prestigious Big Eight firm of Arthur Young and Company giving “unqualified” audits–that’s professional jargon for EVERYTHING’S OK OVER HERE–to Charles Keating’s Lincoln Savings and Loan. This was at the… Read more »

Paperback Fighter

“Lockheed called her the Ghostrider. The pilots called her the Frisbee, the F-19A, the secretly developed Stealth attack fighter. She had no corners, no box shapes to allow radar signals to bounce cleanly off her. Her high-bypass turbofans were designed to emit a blurry infrared signature at most. From above, her wings appeared to mimic… Read more »

Hurts So Good

In mid-afternoon, when I was stripped down to my underwear and put in the box, it had been in the mid-eighties and the cool darkness was welcome. But it had been forever since the slit in front of me had gone black–near midnight I bet–and I had been shivering for hours. The shakes started soon… Read more »


It’s progress that most of us no longer view journalism as simply the gathering of facts. Some facts are more important than others. We know that what readers should get isn’t the facts but the story. A newspaper should help us decide what events mean, and to do this, writers and editors have to interpret,… Read more »