Sebastian Jones

The War on the War on Voting?

One of the upcoming election’s little discussed subplots has to be the Republican effort to make it harder for millions of Americans to cast their ballots, all under the guise of combatting “voter fraud.” As Ari Berman explained in an excellent Rolling Stone article last August: All told, a dozen states have approved new obstacles… Read more »

Rise of the Machine

Between Occupy Wall Street and the Tea Party, for the first time in a long time, perhaps since the Robber Barons raided Washington during the Gilded Age, the American public has taken a genuine interest in influence peddling and corruption in the nation’s capital. And with good reason: just last year, of course, the Supreme… Read more »

Tricky Dick Gephardt

Earlier this week, former Democratic congressman Dick Gephardt penned an op-ed for the Huffington Post that attacked a key pillar of President Obama’s healthcare reform bill. What the online publication didn’t disclose is that Gephardt is a lobbyist representing the very corporate interests gunning to kill the program. In the piece, Gephardt said he was… Read more »

Will Obama Hire Yet Another Bank-Friendly Regulator?

Another day, another Wall Street friendly politico set to regulate the banking industry: Bloomberg reports that former Rep. Scott Murphy, an outspoken advocate of weakening Wall Street oversight, is about to be hired by the Treasury Department. Who is Scott Murphy? Back during the effort to reform Wall Street, Murphy was one of the most… Read more »