Seth Masket

Colorado Republican Party Says “No Caucus For You”

On Tuesday, the Colorado Republican Party’s executive committee voted to cancel the presidential preference poll that would have been held at its 2016 presidential caucus. In effect, Colorado has just dropped out of the Republican presidential nomination process. To be clear, there will still be a Republican caucus in the state, sometime in late winter…. Read more »

What Hillary Clinton Should Learn From Donald Trump: Nothing

This week has seen one of the inevitable freakouts about Hillary Clinton’s campaign. After all, her polling numbers are dropping (to right around the levels they were at the last time she ran for president), and her main rival for the Democratic nomination, Bernie Sanders, is drawing record crowds at his rallies. Perhaps, suggests Chris… Read more »

Judge a Party by Whom it Nominates, Not by Who Seeks its Nomination

Some journalists and activists have been quick to blame the Republican Party for the recent rise of Donald Trump in politics. Richard Zombeck calls him “the perfect spokesman for the GOP.” Simon Maloy claims that Trump has continued to draw attention precisely because (at least until very recently) no prominent Republicans have had the courage… Read more »

A Proposal to Fix the Party System… with Money

Tracy O/Flickr There’s increasing concern that our political parties are flying apart, with party leaders unable to control ideological fringe groups and eccentric billionaires who want to see their own brand of candidate nominated. Perhaps, the thinking goes, if we want our parties to behave more responsibly, we need to give them greater formal power… Read more »

Most Nomination Contests Have a Bernie Sanders, but They Don’t Win

It’s no secret Bernie Sanders is doing well. He’s giving speeches, over-filling venues, and raising money all across the country. More importantly, he’s gaining rather strikingly in the polls among Democrats in New Hampshire and Iowa. Yes, he’s still behind Hillary Clinton, but he’s narrowed that gap significantly in the last few months. Is this… Read more »