Shannon Brownlee

Shannon Brownlee is senior vice president of the Lown Institute, a nonpartisan public policy think tank based in Boston. She is also cofounder of the Right Care Alliance, a network of physicians, nurses, patients, and community activists advocating for a transformed and uniquely American health care system.

First We Take Manhattan

New York City Mayor Mike Bloomberg’s public health G-men got smoking out of restaurants, trans fats out of foods, and calorie counts onto menus. The rest of the country soon followed.

Hospital Error

HOSPITAL ERROR….Two large studies, published today in the Journal of the American Medical Association, found that cutting the grueling work hours of doctors-in-training had little effect on reducing hospital errors and patient deaths. Surprised? So were the researchers who did the studies. There are three possible explanations. One, most errors aren’t caused by groggy, sleep-deprived,… Read more »