Simon van Zuylen-Wood

Gay Rights and Our New Libertarian Normal

Last night signaled a monumental victory for gay rights. Same-sex marriage laws were passed by ballot referenda in Washington, Maryland and Maine –with Minnesota voting to block a potential gay marriage ban. Few predicted this result; E.J. Graff thought “one, maybe two” of the four would tilt they way they did. There are several factors… Read more »

Linda McMahon and Obama 4Ever

Today, some odd “sample ballots” can be found fluttering around Connecticut polling places, featuring two photos with checkmarks next to them: one of Barack Obama, and one of Senate candidate Linda McMahon, a Republican. The sample ballots, in addition to SEIU-flavored “I Support Obama and McMahon” t-shirts, and Barack/Linda doorhangers, spell a last-ditch campaign effort… Read more »

Early Good News for Liz Warren

Here’s a reminder of just how tough it’ll be for Scott Brown to win tonight in Massachusetts. In the January 2010 special election that catapulted him to the Senate, a total of 164,312 ballots were cast in Boston. By noon today, according to the Boston Phoenix’s David Bernstein, 103,369 people had already voted in Beantown…. Read more »