Soyoung Ho

Panda Slugger

But there was a problem. According to the Pentagon, no such consensus had been reached. Instead, the two sides had merely agreed that the possibility of such exchanges would be “revisited.” The mix-up, as it turned out, had a likely explanation. According to The Far Eastern Economic Review, Rumsfeld, in a characteristic interdepartmental snub, had… Read more »

The Next Kofi Annan?

In their obsession over upcoming midterm elections, Washingtonians and others may have missed another political transition coming up this year. In December, U.N. Secretary General Kofi Annan steps down to make room for a new head of the world body. The election of a successor won’t really be that democratic. The 15 members of the… Read more »

Dumb and Dumber

In 2001, Kang, by then a reporter for a leading conservative South Korean newspaper, published a memoir, The Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag. The book received little international attention until last April, when President Bush read the memoir on the recommendation of Henry Kissinger. Evidently moved by Kang’s account, Bush… Read more »

Seoul on Ice

Carpenter and Bandow argue that, even if a war breaks out on the peninsula, it would not harm America’s national interest: “Today, the Koreas are a peripheral interest at best…. There are strong personal and cultural ties between Americans and Koreans; however, the [Republic of Korea] has little security relevance. War on the Korean peninsula… Read more »

Plane Threat

How big is the threat? For all the fear they inspired, last year’s anthrax attacks killed just four people, while 1995’s sarin gas attack in Tokyo, perpetrated by a Japanese cult, cost only 11 lives–terrible, to be sure, but illustrative of the relative difficulty of employing chemical and biological agents as weapons of mass destruction…. Read more »