Stan Collender

A Possible Government Shutdown This Weekened

I’ve been very hesitant to say anything about the possibility of a government shutdown when the current continuing resolution expires this Friday at midnight because…honestly…I’ve been predicting that one would occur since last year and have been wrong in much the same way that some economists are accused of predicting 10 of the last 2… Read more »

Budget Process Nonsense From Paul Ryan

This would be funny if it weren’t so sad in so many ways: House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan (R-WI) has proposed a series of changes in the congressional budget process. Don’t get me wrong; the existing budget process not only is not perfect but is close to a disaster. But after a full year… Read more »

Will Obama Specify Sequester Cuts In His 2013 Budget?

Here’s the question I’ve been asked most often over the past week: Will the White House include in it’s fiscal 2013 budget — the one it will send to Congress in February — the cuts it will make in military and domestic spending under the assumption the sequester, which will impose automatic cuts to both… Read more »

Tax Reform: Not Till 2014 At The Earliest

Because of the failure of the anything-but-super committee to come up with a plan that included it, I don’t see how “tax reform” can be enacted and start to be implemented until 2014 at the earliest. And even that may be overly optimistic. That’s not to say that some tax changes won’t be discussed and… Read more »