Stan Collender

The Budget Deal May Not Last Until Christmas

OK…I’ll admit that saying the agreement will be gone by this Christmas is likely (but not necessarily) an overstatement. But saying that the “Budget Control Act” — the debt ceiling increase/deficit reduction deal signed into law on August 2 — isn’t likely to be in place on January 1, 2013, or to have it’s projected impact… Read more »

The Super Committee: Keep Looking For That Pony In The Pile

I continue to be astounded at how many people…including a number of supposed insiders who should know much better…continue to believe that the debt ceiling increase/deficit reduction deal agreed to just before Congress left town for the summer recess is going to have as big of a positive impact on the budget outlook as we… Read more »

The Taming Of The Boehner

Readers may recall that My Beautiful and Talented Wife (The BTW) is a professional actor who tends to think of the world in theater terms. As I continued to describe the events of the past few weeks to her, she kept saying that it reminded her of the plot of something by William Shakespeare (or… Read more »