Stephen Burd

The Perils of Enrolling in For-Profit Colleges

Students wait outside Everest College, Tuesday, April, 28, 2015 in Industry, Calif., hoping to get their transcriptions and information on loan forgiveness and transferring credits to other schools. Corinthian Colleges shut down all of its remaining 28 ground campuses on Monday, April 27, displacing 16,000 students. The shutdown comes less than two weeks after the… Read more »

Changing the Incentives for Colleges to Enroll and Graduate Low-Income Students

That colleges have little incentive to enroll low-income students is increasingly reflected in their student aid policies. Under the sway of enrollment managers—private consultants who advise institutions on admissions and financial aid policies—many public and private colleges are using their limited institutional aid budgets to attract the students they most desire: the “best and brightest,”… Read more »