Stephen Burd

Merit Aid Madness

How Ohio colleges started a tuition discount war for wealthy students that has now spread across the country.

Answering the Critics of “Pay as You Earn” Plans

Tying the repayment of student loans to a borrower’s income is hardly a new idea. Conservative economist Milton Friedman proposed the basic concept in 1955, and so-called income-contingent loans (ICLs), or “pay as you earn,” plans have been championed by many liberals since. This has also given critics plenty of time to come up with… Read more »

Getting Rid of the College Loan Repo Man

Our current system for collecting student loans makes no distinction between deadbeats who cheat and the much greater numbers of people who just don’t have the money to repay. As predatory debt collection agencies ruin the lives of more and more Americans, we are ignoring an easy and fair solution.