Stephen L. Carter

When Information Could Make the Nerd a King

The sale of the Washington Post to founder Jeff Bezos has set off an avalanche of comment about the relative virtues and vices of new media versus old, about billionaire patrons using newspapers to pursue their own interests, and of course about the very future of the institution of journalism itself. For me, there… Read more »

The Supreme Court Matters Less Than You Think

In a classic “Doonesbury” cartoon from July 1973, the chief justice of the U.S. prefaces the reading of an opinion with these words: “Well, we’ve been conferring like crazy, and I think we have got ourselves another snappy 5-4 decision.” And, lo, here we are, almost exactly 40 years later, at the end of yet… Read more »

The NFL May Have to Pay to Keep Its Fans

Professional football resumes this week, and not a day too soon. Regular readers know how much I love the sport, and I have written before about the depression that settles over the true fan as the last minutes of the Super Bowl tick down — the sadness of knowing that the long interregnum is upon… Read more »

Balanced-Budget Bill Fails Fiscal Test

At a Washington event in the early 1990s, I happened to find myself seated beside an official fairly high in the White House of George H.W. Bush. We got to chatting, and he waxed poetic about a constitutional amendment requiring the federal government to balance its annual budget. He even had a new draft in… Read more »