Stephen Pomper

Kindergarten Court

Ask yourself what qualities make for a great Supreme Court justice, and the answers that spring quickly to mind are along the lines of brilliance and consistency and impartiality. (If youre really being honest you might add shares my politics to that list.) But in his most recent book, The Supreme Court: The Personalities and… Read more »

Judging the Judges

If the choice of topic signaled a certain defensiveness, there was good enough reason. Today’s liberal lawyers are groping around in something of a constitutional fog. Yes, there is a “Progressive Constitution,” in the sense that there are lines of cases dating back to the New Deal era that interpret the Constitution in a manner… Read more »

Blackmun’s Drift

Well, several things. Blackmun was perhaps the most prominent in a line of ideological apostates (i.e., Republican appointees who took a left turn) that stretched from him to John Paul Stevens to David Souter and includes (in much lesser measure) Sandra Day O’Connor and Anthony Kennedy. Though a Nixon appointee, he went on to write… Read more »

Deferred Sentence

To the surprise of the legal left, the Rehnquist Court has refused to overturn Roe v. Wade and has broken new ground in protecting the civil rights of homosexuals. It has endorsed some forms of affirmative action. In last Spring’s highly charged enemy detainee cases, it refused to write the executive branch a blank check… Read more »

Waste of Times

Blair’s answer is that his book was motivated by a higher purpose, that he wrote it “in the hope that others who are teetering on the precipice of self-destruction will pull back before it is too late.” That sounds like a nice sentiment, but in practice it proves to be completely bogus. The book offers… Read more »